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Feeling Good: How Your Fashion Choices Reflect You

It’s often said that clothes make the man (or woman). Although there’s something to be said for dressing to impress, dressing for the job you want, and dressing for a special event, it’s ultimately up to you to represent yourself with creative expression.

What does that mean, exactly? It all boils down to one succinct point: You should always dress strictly for yourself. Trends are fleeting—what looks great on the runway or the pages of a fashion magazine aren’t necessarily what fits your mold. Maybe you like the look of it on someone else but couldn’t even imagine it on yourself.

Dress for Yourself

Fashion, for many, is merely functional. But if you view style through a different lens, you can also see its ability to help you identify what makes you so uniquely you. Think about what makes you tick when you peer into your closet and decide what you want to wear each day. It’s not what someone else is wearing, or what a style influencer dictates is essential right now.

No. What you wear is down to you—your preferences, your desires, your needs, and most importantly, your innate understanding of what looks best on your figure and makes you feel confident. When you wear something that isn’t locked into your style realm, you can’t truly feel confident if you aren’t sure that it’s the right style for you.

Boost Your Confidence

Clothing isn’t just something that covers your body. On a greater level, it’s something that has the potential to make you feel powerful, controlled, and bold. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands on something that reflects the traditional idea of a “power suit,” nor does it mean going in another direction and wearing items that you just kind of like, but don’t love.

Think of fashion as a reflection of who you truly are. Why wear anything but what makes you look and feel like you’re a superstar—whether it’s a little black dress and a pair of killer heels or skinny jeans and chunky canvas sneakers? The whole point is to embrace styles that make you feel amazing.

Ultimately, you allow yourself to shape your style preferences. You drive in your own lane, and that means shaping a sartorial universe that helps you do far more than just look your best. When you wear the right clothes, you exude pride, feel a sense of deep confidence, and accept all of the wonderfully unique elements that shape your character and craft your personality. You deserve to shine. Why do it in anything but clothes that you truly love?


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